Saturday, May 19, 2018

I turned towards RPA...

        Doing a same work is a very boring job,  when it is time-consuming and tedious work too. As we are aware, change is  constant in life hence I have been very keen in move to Angular or React JS as I had a lot code in dot net so far. While  studying javascript frameworks, I came across something interesting topic that time, I mean, like movie of Will Smith or  RAJANIKANTH. Robot! Automating the processes using Robot. When I was in TechMahindra, have been heard that there was some  training arranged by TechM by the collaboration with UiPath. I thought, It would have been for UI developer. I remember, I  have been ignored RPA that time. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the emerging trends for the foreseeable  future. In the coming Fourth Industrial Revolution, software robots will automate digital work the same way industrial  robots automated manufacturing and assembly work. Hence, I thought, career prospects look rosy if I do choose this field.

      Basically, There is a great potential with RPA . I can tell you that automating any process mean, delivers direct  profitability while improving accuracy across organizations and industries. The way top-tier companies such as Google and  Aviva embrace this as a way to drive change. This implies 75% of the business processes will be automated in the near  future and many developers would probably transition to automation developers to keep up with the evolving technology.

       According to my observations, most RPA tools are based on .Net Framework because they are more stable, so learning  .Net framework is a good tool for your future. Mind you, there are always going to be opportunities in the job market for  .Net developers, I'm not implying here that Java or other tools are not good tools. Learning the MVC architecture comes in  handy for other languages as Angular js but you should be aware of the usefulness of such architecture. For a change (in a  long time), I am seeing a seller’s market in IT, where people with RPA skills have option to choose from multiple  opportunities and get into employment or enhance their profiles. Also, keeping in view of the future scope in this field,  one can easily expect that a major share of employment opportunities in the world is going to be generated in this field.  And also, the pay packages for the experts who are well skilled regarding all the working aspects of this field is  relatively much higher in comparison with the other fields. At last I chosen RPA, going through Automation Anywhere, Blue  Prism training. Now working on Uipath and It was great feeling, when I completed and delivered my first robot!