Tuesday, January 29, 2013

While creating career...

         As there is large competition to get a job in industry field, because of there is large number of candidate getting pass out but opportunity at market is with that proportion. Too less candidate get select at campus interview at college, then it becomes problem to search the job in industry. It comes frustration to find the job with as per our need.

   There are many fake people and fake companies in industry to provide the job. They settled well to make fraud with student. They takes bit amount of money from candidates for giving opportunity in MNC type of company. I have gone this stage, many students are get cheated by fake people. Its my humble request to student to get the job, they should keep patience and calm and have keep searching job. If student should not loose hi/her hopes he must get to have good job. There are around one lack engineer gets pass out per years though over all Maharashtra.  Government has made the number of seats as per requirements. 

        I gone through all type frustration  and I was jobless too. But had keep searching. Now, I am bit satisfied with job. Actually around 2009-10 there was bit recession due slag in America market. India has mostly project of abroad countries so there was lack of requirements. Employee demands is derived demands. that is, hiring employee is not desired for its own sake but rather because its on producing output. and other addition demand of employee is depends on Marginal demand of product and cost. But I observe so many candidates blame themselves and gone through frustration they return to home with searching job with their level best. 

          Ahead, We don't know when market will collapse, when we will face the recession till that every-one should make their strong.