Sunday, November 20, 2011

Everything is fine, Now.

            There was tears in my eyes while I was reading it first time. It is small heart touching story, I had read it at facebook on my friend's post.

            One day, In a family, One young son of old father enters in home from his office work, throwing out his shoes and soxes at corner of hall. At same moment, Old father comes out from his room and asks to his son with little cough,
"Son, you came? good."
"Did you bring my medicine given by doctor?"

And son answers,
"No father, I forgot..! I am too much tired now. I will bring it on tomorrow."

Old father replies,

"Ok, No problem. You are too much tired son. Have a rest."(Cough)
"Do you want some tea, milk?"

Son says,
"No, thanks!"

Old father replies,
"Any way, have a rest. Good night."

Accidentally, At mid night old father has some uncomfortable feelings and sweating out due to lack of doses of medicine. He call to his son with loud voice,
Till he comes into father's room father leave his life. old father dies.

So many days passes, After many days, While cleaning out his house becuse of some festival younger son found his old father's dairy in one cupboard.
He started to read.

He reads....,
There was raining at mid night. And my child Honey was not feeling well due to increase in his cough and cold. All hospitals were shut down. I had gone to doctor's home with un umbrella and honey was covered by blanket on my sholdier. On that night, Doctor given good prescription. And my honey is well and fit now. Don't worry. Everything is fine, Now!