Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Robotics. On the other hand....

Now a day, almost every aspect of human life has influenced by science and technology. Even  from the smartphone, you hold to browse WhatsApp, Facebook, other internet apps,  up to the smart house you live in, there is at least two sides of technology that been made use of. The field of science and technology has more advanced throughout the past decades and has changed our perspectives of life. Among those advancements, robots have become significant by trying to get close to human lives. Though they have managed to solve most of our day-to-day problems, they can still create problems.

If you want to know about any country's innovative technology, then you should look at the weaponry that is being used by the defense forces of that country and follow the country's defense team.  Although many of these things are sensitive and secret, but whatever comes out is certainly amazing. Every country would have followed its anti-national or public order. That is why it would be appropriate to understand some of the issues related to the Artificial Intelligence in the security force here. Due to increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), already there are huge changes in the financial and industrial sectors. They have reached our country even through mobile and computer they have reached to you as well. You will also see the use of AI as a defense force. Let us now light a similar example. The Ministry of Defense has clarified that the use of the Artificial Intelligence in the Indian Defense Force for some of the tests in the last few days. It is also clear from the fact that it will be to set up a high-level group or committee to further research about it, and it is necessary that it was needed to increase our defense strength. Experts will be selected in the field of cyber space. A Tata Group company in India will head it.

Consolidation of Cognitive Robotics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (Ai), Machine Learning these all will play major role in it. In fact, such systems are thought to be faster than the human brain and then they become more self-made by taking that final decision. In fact, such systems are thought to be faster than the human brain and then they become more self-made by taking that final decision. Now there are more questions in our head. If the information provided in this system is low or even slightly wrong then? If that sensitive situation does not have the ability to take back some of those wrong things in that device? What if the test of this machine is done incorrectly? Yes, it is a fact that such questions are expected to be danced in the head. Similar to our education system, software and robots are classified as intellectual and Artificial Intelligence has different levels. Of these, both are Narrow and General. In simple words, spam e-mail filters, auto-search, automated vehicles, or a computer playing the game itself, are examples of Narrow concepts. Examples of the above mentioned protection areas fall in the General Artificial Intelligence. All these robots are made up to the level that will reveal feelings like human beings. For example, the robots themselves are receiving their knowledge and learning from experience.  If there is an error in this, then a person will create a picture of himself creating a crisis for himself, and he will lose even his ground. There are many researchers fearing this also.  It will have to be 20-25 more likely to come to the eventuality of this happening. Now there is no reason to panic at all. But we can say that we are moving in that direction. Until then, there is no reason to believe that there will be many settlements in this year's research. It has been proved that the use of both Narrow and General artificial intelligence can be hugely used in the defense forces.  For example, small planes showing pictures like drones. The number of work required by the defense team has to be complete their task in war until they destroy by opponent country. This is called swarming. Swarms are very popular and effective in the army because the number of robots, the ability to reach the target, and the ability to move in the face of any danger can make the win against opponent country. Such drones do not cost much to make small robots. This is an important factor for the defense force.

The modern defense arm of Defense Force says that many countries names such as US, Russia, Korea. However, there is a sign that a country like China is at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence. According to Elon Musk, the head of the organization named Tesla and SpaceX, if the third world war happens then the robotics will be in the main role. Perhaps for this reason, under international law, as the banned on human creation from the DNA-cloning as well as the ban has to be imposed on Artificial Intelligence. However, according to researchers in Robotics, all forms of the ban are being overridden and this has been opposed and this statement has also been worth ridiculous. Molecular scriptures have been set up under certain laws, some of which have been signed, and international laws need to be made for robotics too, no doubt. As if this there is also, a negative side too as It have a positive side.

Stephen Hawking, a senior scientist who had passed away from you a few days ago, said that the development of the entire artificial intelligence would end humankind. In addition, once the man develops artificial intelligence, the robot will speed itself up the same and redesign itself at a rising rate. Can humans with limited biological evolution compete? He has kept such serious therapies about A.I.  How to use new research to save man or to destroy? Finally, it is the decision of the person to take this decision. Many countries have the fear of becoming more stressful when solving the issue of unemployment today. In 2001, Osama bin Laden attacked the United States, using only aircraft, so if this weapon of robotics takes place in the hands of some terrorist organizations, what do you think?